The Dave Levine Show Is Going Off-The-Air

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The Dave Levine Show Is Going Off-The-Air

By Dave Levine (from a post on Facebook tonight)

Hey #NeverTrump Patriots! No, not the traitors who hated Hillary so much, they voted in the Madman! I mean PATRIOTS who stayed true to your word!

Tomorrow is my final show for probably the next 3 years or maybe longer. I’m leaving AM radio not for financial reasons but because the Conservative movement has been obliterated, decimated by the Traitors–those who said they were #NeverTrump but quietly voted for the Maniac and those like syndicated talk show host Mark Levin who endorsed Trump after railing against him for over a year. People I used to look up to like Michelle Malkin “went silent” during Trump’s surge.

It’s hard to know “who” our political friends are now. Backstabbers are everywhere and friendships have ended. I personally lost my closest political friend, the man who started me out in radio. He bit on one of Trump’s major lies, the lie that he will remove all illegals from the U.S. and will build the Wall. I warned him and other Conservatives since July 2015 that Trump was in fact planning a General Amnesty for 50 to 70 million illegals and now that he’s been elected, that’s precisely what Trump is planning to do! Getting a House Amnesty bill will be an easy thing to do–traitors like Rep. Goodlatte (who wrote the previous Gang of Eight bill that was never filed) will make Trump “the gift of Amnesty” shortly after he assumes office and that will finish America off. The Invasion from Mexico will have succeeded.

Staying on-the-air while I watch the destruction of my country by these traitors who along with 12 million Bernie voters and the RNC put a liberal pro-Amnesty despot into The White House is NOT something I want to do. I’ll still oppose them every step of the way but won’t be doing it on radio. Talking about the Despot’s family is a waste of time. News sites I used to use for my show’s stories and commentary “sold out” to Trump–Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart, WND and American Border Patrol. I simply cannot in good conscience continue to use these sites for stories and commentary. Where am I going to get my stories and commentary from, CNN? The Huffington Post? Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire isn’t nearly enough to keep me on-the-air.

I’ll continue blogging and writing articles at Dave Levine Online.

Dave Levine

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  1. TC says:

    I’m really going to miss your show Dave, good luck and God’s blessings for any future adventures.

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