The Big Lies, #1 And #2

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The Big Lies, #1 And #2

By Dave Levine

The Big Lie #1 is the one put out by Biden and other Dems that “This was the most honest and fraud-free Election in history.” There was NOTHING “honest” about it! It was stolen from Trump and his voters, all 80 million of them!

The Big Lie #2 is another “doozy” put out by Biden and the left is calling the staged takeover of the Capitol on January 6th “an insurrection”. Insurrections happen with arms–guns, etc. The FBI has admitted that there were no guns during the Capitol event except the one used by a still-unnamed Capitol officer to gun down Ashli Babbit at point-blank range. The facts ARE: Capitol police let in Antifa, Boogaloo Boys and other troublemakers. It’s pretty clear that the D.C. powers-that-be wanted to smear President Trump with a staged riot.

The 2020 Election was the most fraudulent in U.S. history. It stole a landslide victory for President Trump using algorithms, late-night vote counting, humungous ballot drops from nowhere, secret vehicles delivering ballots at 3 AM and 4:30 AM with no chain of command and without Republican observers.