The Bastard Didn’t Shut The Nation’s Borders And Airports Down When He Should Have

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The Bastard Didn’t Shut The Nation’s Borders And Airports Down When He Should Have

By Dave Levine

For those Trumpsters who are trying to defend his inaction for the first month of this killer disease, I say “Go ahead and try to defend THIS!”

Trump–the man who ran in 2015 as an anti-illegal immigration/”close-the-Border”/deport-all-illegals candidate–turned out to be an Open Borders/pro-Immigration/do-nothing-about-Illegal-aliens-already-here president. Democrats also wanted Open Borders and laissez faire/Amnesty for illegals and massive increases in H-1B visas for India and Chinese aliens but Trump was elected for ONE reason–to REMOVE millions of illegals AND to cut back on aliens taking American jobs. Had he done what he ran on, what he promised instead of listening to his son-in-law, daughter and other liberals around him, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in.

Moreover, between January 1st and March 15th, Trump allowed 6.3 MILLION aliens to enter the U.S. FROM CANADA! Some of those were Chinese nationals carrying COVID-19, maybe many of them. Canada has almost a totally Open Borders Immigration system. Where was Trump during this period-asleep at the wheel? He waited until March 16th before he semi-shut the Northern and Southern Borders down.

If Trump was competent, which he isn’t, he wouldn’t have left our Borders and airports open! He wouldn’t have signed Jailbreak I, II and wouldn’t be pushing Jailbreak III. On December 20, 2018, Trump signed The First Step Act that released 4,000 federal inmates who were convicted of drug trafficking. Now, blue states are following suit, releasing convicts from jails and prisons. Is the U.S. safer under Trump? Why hasn’t Trump ordered ICE to remove as many illegals from the nation as possible and as fast as possible?

Trump, in a desperation move to save his presidency and reelection, today signed a massive giveaway bill that allows some illegal aliens to receive those $1,200 checks. The bill EXPANDS food stamps–WIC and SNAP–which illegals illegally use. The $1,200 and $500 (for children) checks are a Republican ploy to get votes on November 3rd and to try to keep the stock market from tanking. Well, the market tanked today after the House passed it. Clearly, investors know this bill IS NOT “a good thing”! Only a small portion of this bill is going to hospitals and clinics. He and others are calling it “a $2 trillion care package”. It’s actually a $6 trillion package of money we don’t have.

Trump is responsible for protecting our country. Clearly, he has been derelict in that duty.