The #Audit50 Movement Takes A Major Hit With Judge Amero Ruling VoterGA.Org Has No Standing

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The #Audit50 Movement Takes A Major Hit With Judge Amero Ruling VoterGA.Org Has No Standing

By Dave Levine

Let’s not kid ourselves any longer. Hope is good but when it obscures reality, it isn’t good. And the reality of the #Audit50 movement is that we just lost GA, probably until the Midterms and then we have to wait till January 2023.

The other “reality” is that the RINOs control the major positions in government in AZ–the Governor, the SoS (who is actually a leftist) and the AG (who is dragging his feet going after the lawbreakers who stole the 2020 Election). State Senator Wendy Rogers is flying all over the country trying to get audit support but that isn’t changing the reality back home in Arizona.

Georgia was just lost as far as an audit goes. Arizona is stuck after those involved in the Maricopa Audit got backstabbed when Senate President Karen Fann allowed or instructed her attorney to water-down the final audit report. The knife is still sticking in their backs. The final report is a joke!

We can assume from his silence and non-actions that AZ AG Brnovich is willing to chuck his Senate run to keep the state from decertifying which it should be doing. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool McCainite and McCainites hate Conservatives and hate Trump. I will be shocked if any subpeonas or indictments are filed by Brnovich.

Thus, the #Audit50 is dead in the water. PA’s #1 RINO, Senate President Jake “the Snake” Corman is dragging HIS RINO rear end–no audit happening there! The only Battleground States with a chance at a forensic audit are Michigan and Wisconsin. But two states aren’t enough to decertify the Election. Possibly New Hampshire and Nevada but I doubt it.

Now, if you watch War Room, Stephen Bannon may have you convinced that audits are coming in PA, GA and WI. That is wishful thinking!

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