Thanksgiving Is Great Without The Macy’s Homosexual Parade

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Thanksgiving Is Great Without The Macy’s Homosexual Parade

By Dave Levine

No LGBT for me! I refuse to make CBS any money for showing lesbians-on-a-float and lesbian dancers. Years ago, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade powers-that-be decided to bend over to the homosexual radical left. And that’s when I began my boycott.

Nothing disgusts me more than celebrating homosexuality on a float. Most Americans would be satisfied if homosexuality was kept out-of-sight. But homosexual radicals won’t accept that.

The left has been successful in destroying tradition in America and hijacking everything that’s good. They’re all about “in-your-face radicalism” and “inclusion”, about “bringing it all down, man!”

I’ve boycotted the NFL for its many anti-America black “kneeler” players. I’ve boycotted Home Depot for its falling over itself for its homosexual workers. I no longer support the homosexual-infested Boy Scouts (The Christian, anti-homosexual version has a new org). I no longer buy Chobani yogurt. I can’t name all the products and orgs I’ve boycotted. And on Election Day a few weeks ago, thousands of Conservative voters–perhaps more than a million–decided that 37 House RINOs must go and stayed home. Their “boycott” of those horrible politicians who were selling them down the river cost those 37 RINOs their seats. Boycotts work!

So enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Homosexual Parade, but if celebrating homosexuals disgusts you, turn it off! Join The Dave Levine Show in celebrating tradition by keeping your tv set “off” or on another channel. Ratings matter to networks, the networks that have “bent over” for the homosexual radical crowd.