Terrific Post By Ardis4 At Breitbart

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Terrific Post By Ardis4 At Breitbart

By Dave Levine

I’ve got to hand it to “ardis4” over at Breitbart this morning. He made a terrific post on Trump:

Great. Trump has “done a lot” for demographics (& felons released early) who in their vast majorities won’t vote for him.

Now it time for Trump to do SOMETHING for voters in 2016 who did vote for him.
IE Keep Trump Promises–

-Build “A Great Big Beautiful Wall Made of Concrete & Steel”. (Not an 80 mile cut through/climb over unmanned barrier)
-Deport illegals in their “millions” as promised
-Cut drastically legal Third World immigration as promised. (Instead of massively increasing)
-End Anchor Babies and mandate E-Verify by executive order as promised
-Veto Budget Busting “Never Again” Omnibus Bills as promised
-Repeal & Replace Obamacare (or defund) as promised
-Defund Sanctuary Cities & Planned Parenthood as promised
-End foreign wars we have no business being involved in as promised
-Sue in court far left High Tech Google/Facebook/Twitter (censoring political speech) monopolies as promised
-Deliver 3% or above GDP as promised
-Drain the Swamp as promised,

Of course, Trump has NO desire to fulfill these promises. Ardis4 could also have added the following:

-End DACA “on Day 1” as promised

-Stop planning a General Amnesty for illegals for 2021 should you be reelected.