Ted Cruz Caves

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Ted Cruz Caves

An excellent piece on the Cruz capitulation by Erica Grieder!

By Erica Grieder at Texas Monthly

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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    Cruz was in the position of ‘damned if I do and damned if I don’t’. I am very disappointed, but I won’t forget the good he has done in the past and especially what he is fighting for now, trying to save our internet. I am still NeverTrump,Never Clinton and I still pray that they both drop out before election day. Ted has hurt himself, but I will still support him in the future, as long as there are no more big surprises, which I don’t expect there will be.

    • N0T2L8 says:

      You said it Heather, I was hurt and very disappointed by this but I will continue to support him as long as he continues to fight the liberal left and support us… I will admit though that it is VERY hard to TrusTED when he caves to pressure from anyone.. I thought he was stronger than that. He has a long record of fighting for us.. I strongly disagree with him here, I just don’t see how any Constitution minded person could go with trump.
      Benefit of the doubt here for now… but if he tries to sell us on ANY trump policy he will be just another politician to me.

  2. pinecone says:

    I’ve typed at least a few times in the past weeks/months that it seemed to me that Cruz believed he was bigger than the GOP, and that he thought only he could actually bring reformation to the Republican party. I said I would reserve judgement on Cruz until after the election, just waiting to see what direction he would take, and hoping that he would come to realize that he has no ability to reform a party that has been rotting for the past few decades at least. I was hoping and praying that Cruz would come to the realization that he didn’t leave the party, the party left him. I was hoping so much that Cruz would in fact do as he said he would do when he suspended his campaign, that his millions that joined his conservative message and movement would take off outside of the Republican party, and yes I was hoping he would start a new traditional conservative party. Those hopes, wishes and prayers are now dashed. Cruz put party, and perhaps a healthy dose of ego forefront, and joined the decades old belief that our evil is better than their evil, which only keeps the lesser of two evils argument alive and well. I am profoundly disgusted.

    • Dave Levine says:

      Beautifully stated, pinecone!

    • AFVet4America says:

      Sen Cruz has no one to blame for people feeling like he betrayed them but himself.

      • pinecone says:

        This is a tough one isn’t it Vet? One of the things I am getting more and more angry about is all those that want to lecture the Cruz supporters that they were like cult members, who worshiped the ground he walked on, and treated him as though he was some sort of God. I think I can honestly say that those like you and I Vet did not worship the man, but we did feel very strongly about Cruz’s long record of fighting for conservatism and our nations sovernienty, he earned our trust, it wasn’t just given to him willy nilly, and he seemed to be a man of his word, who often talked about politicians going to Washington, and not doing what they said they would do. What has been predominant in my mind since yesterday afternoon was Cruz saying, on May 3, that Trump was apathologucal liar, that he ios an amoral man, and that he would be dangerous in the WH. None of that changed with Trump, he is still the same Trump today that he was back on May 3, but somehow now Cruz believes that Trump will honor the policy positions Cruz named in his endorsement post? I hear it was Pence that talked with Cruz, and was likely the one to try to assure Cruz that Trump would adhere to his promises. I have news, even Pence would have no say at all in an Ivanka/Trump admin. Yes this was a self inflicted wound that he may never recover from.

        • Yes it is and everything you said I can’t disagree with.

        • Dave Levine says:

          Another terrific commentary by you, pinecone! Thanks.

          • pinecone says:

            Thank you Dave. Yesterday I was as sad as a person can be. Today I am as mad as a person can be. When someone supposedly as solid as Cruz loses the trust of the voters, you have to wonder who will come behind that has any ability to earn that amount of trust, who will likely never have the record to allow them to start above zero.

      • Dave Levine says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more, AF! It’s called “personal responsibility for our actions”. Saying “Someone else made me do it!” doesn’t exactly endear a lot of respect!

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