Study: ‘Bannon-Wing’ Represents ‘Major Part Of Modern’ GOP

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Study: ‘Bannon-Wing’ Represents ‘Major Part Of Modern’ GOP

By Tony Lee at Breitbart

An excellent piece by Lee!

I guess this makes me part of “the Bannon Wing” except for the fact that I’m a fierce Independent and still a #NeverTrump Patriot. However, I have moved away from being a Cruzite to an Abbotarian (a strong supporter of Governor Greg Abbott) and I am still holding open the possibility of supporting Trump IF:

-He rescinds DACA

-Refuses to sign any Amnesty bill

-Begins building the 714 miles of needed double-layered fence on the Mexico Border

-Sends federal agents to Sanctuary Cities and States to arrest those responsible for promoting and passing illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary City and Sanctuary State ordinances and laws

-Brings our troops home from Afghanistan and South Korea