Stick A Fork In Him–Trump Is Done

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Stick A Fork In Him–Trump Is Done

It’s after 2 AM Pacific–5 AM Eastern–and the internet IS HOPPING with “Trump is finished” posts and comments!

Kendal is, as always, 100% right!

Was this the Democrat’s “October Surprise”?

By Kendal Unruh on Facebook

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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    There is so many scenarios here, LOL. One, yes he will see it through to the end because of his ego. Two, he was in it to begin with to help Hillary win and he is the one who is passing all the negative things he has done in the past. Three, he can’t stand being a loser so when the poll avgs show he is more then 10pts down, he will withdraw in a rage because in his mind, if he is out of the race, he cannot be called a loser.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I couldn’t believe it, you two! Facebook WAS HOPPING ALL NIGHT when the unendorsements and stories about the RNC picking another nominee surfaced…Never seen ANYTHING like this! I’m pushing for Senator Lee to replace him but they’ll go with a RINO, I’m sure.

  2. tRump is a vile human being. He wasn’t a young man when he talked this way, he was already in his third marriage. If he hadn’t learned to respect women by that age and after that many marriages he’s useless. Yes, the ideal thing would be for him to step down. But he won’t, he’s to much of a narcissist for that.

    • Heathermcsp says:

      AF, my reply to you went above. I guess I hit the wrong button 🙂

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