Steelers Draft Watch: RB Christian McCaffrey

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Steelers Draft Watch: RB Christian McCaffrey

I missed this piece when it came out months ago.

I agree with Bryson except in his criticism of McCaffrey’s blocking. McCaffrey greatly improved his blocking technique this season. Plus, McCaffrey rarely had to block in 2015–he was carrying the ball most of the time! However, the same “improvement” did not apply to the offensive linemen who were awful for most of this season. And fullback Daniel Marx–McCaffrey’s excellent blocker in front of him in the eye–was injured and missed some key games. Besides, did anyone ever ask how O.J. Simpson’s blocking or Jim Brown’s blocking was? Hell, no! So, why is McCaffrey’s blocking an issue? Answer: It isn’t.

If the Steelers are lucky enough to get McCaffrey–even if they have to trade up to nab him–they should do whatever it takes. What an offensive “powerhouse” they would be! But McCaffrey would be more than just a threat on offense: he would greatly improve the Steelers’ special teams.

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