Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey Is Not Human

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Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey Is Not Human

Yes, this is a #NeverTrump political blog, so what am I doing publishing a college football sports column, you may ask? Well, I happen to think that–as “professional” as college sports has become–it still is the most exciting area of American sports and besides, we all need “a place to escape to” with a horrible Election facing us. College football is that “escape” for me!

And when a player puts up the kinds of stats that Stanford RB-extraordinaire did last year and seems to be on a similar “tear” this year and being as there is one other extraordinarily-gifted player (Louisville Sophomore QB Lamar Jackson) tearing up every team they’re playing, I want to write about it or post other writers’ columns about them.

Last Saturday night’s Stanford-USC game was rough. As great as his stats were, USC was keying on McCaffrey. He got hit hard and hit late (never called, by the way). The Trojan kickers kicked the ball away from him or over and beyond him. As a result, he never had a chance to run one of his electrifying kickoffs or a punts back for a big gain or a score. Had USC kicked to him, he’d have added probably two or three more touchdowns to his total and even more insane yardage totals.

I found this today by Tom Fornelli over at CBS Sports. It was the title that got me. But then I read this section…

By Tom Fornelli

Stat of the Week

This comes courtesy of ESPN’s David Lombardi, and it’s one of the most amazing stats I’ve ever heard. Seriously, when Chip Patterson shared it with me while recording the SEC on CBS Podcast, it stopped me cold.

Christian McCaffrey finished with 165 rushing yards in Stanford‘s 27-10 win over USC. Of those 165 yards, 107 of them came before contact. Not after contact. Before contact.

Think about that. This isn’t because McCaffrey was lining up 40 yards behind the line of scrimmage as all 107 of those yards came at the line of scrimmage and beyond. He had 107 yards on 30 carries before every being touched! That means McCaffrey was averaging 3.5 yards per carry before a USC defender even laid a finger on him. That’s insane. That’s just not supposed to happen. I am bewildered I tell you. Bewildered!