Stanford’s Bowl Outlook

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Stanford’s Bowl Outlook

A terrific article by Michael Spelfogel on Stanford’s bowl hopes this December/NYE!

Yes, the Foster Farms Bowl is in beautiful Levi’s Stadium a few miles from me in Santa Clara but it is NOT a quality bowl, name-wise.

If Washington beats Colorado this Saturday for the Pac-12 Championship, Colorado will be 10-3 with one more win than Stanford and USC. I would think that in this case, Colorado would go to The Rose Bowl but maybe not.

There’s a lot of pressure by USC fans to send the Trojans–who like Stanford is 9-3–to The Rose Bowl but Stanford beat USC this year. Stanford, with phenom RB Christian McCaffrey, creamed Iowa in last year’s Rose Bowl played on January 1, 2016. McCaffrey went wild in that game and would have had more touchdowns had not the 94-yard ount return been called back for a holding penalty. Moreover, Stanford is a different team now with a new quarterback who has a rocket arm and who ran for a 60-yard touchdown last Saturday against Rice. Selecting USC over Stanford with Stanford having won the head-to-head would be a slap in the face to Stanford.

By Michael Spelfogel at The Stanford Daily