Stanford Will Annihilate North Carolina In The Sun Bowl

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Stanford Will Annihilate North Carolina In The Sun Bowl

By Dave Levine

Do you want a reason–one reason–why Stanford will humiliate North Carolina in The Sun Bowl?

One abbreviation:


Stanford was just passed up for The Rose Bowl even though they have an identical record (9-3) to USC’s and in spite of the fact that Stanford BEAT USC at the Colosseum this year.

So USC goes to The Rose Bowl–simply because of their artificially high ranking (#9) and not their won/loss record–against a powerful Penn State team and Stanford (#16, who should at the very least have gone to The Holiday Bowl in San Diego) will play North Carolina in El Paso at the lowly Sun Bowl on Friday December 30th at a really weird starting time of 2 PM Pacific Time.

I wonder how Stanford’s players feel about this double-slight. I know I’D be pissed if I was a team member!

The Tar Heels are 8-4. They lost to Georgia, Virginia Tech, Duke and North Carolina State–not exactly a ranked team and they’re not!

My condolences to the Stanford players. They got robbed! The Rose Committee members should be ashamed of themselves!

It’s time to clean the Tar Heels’ clocks!