Stanford Hobbles Into Washington After Amazing Win Against UCLA

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Stanford Hobbles Into Washington After Amazing Win Against UCLA

By Dave Levine

Stanford (3-0) is in Bellingham, WA to play the 4-0 Huskies tomorrow night to determine who will likely win the Pac-12 this year.

Stanford makes the trip without its starting cornerbacks, Holder and Meeks. They were both injured in the first half of the brutal UCLA game. Meeks’ injury is “undisclosed” but when he left the field against UCLA, he was helped off by two aides. It didn’t appear to be a knee injury but there was really no way to tell. Stanford’s backup DBs will have to carry the load. Holder’s shoulder injury looks more serious. Washington’s receivers are as good as UCLA’s.

The key to this game will be getting hits and sacks against Huskies QB Jake Browning. That may require Stanford to blitz more than it wants to, leaving the former-second string corners in man-to-man coverage. The defensive line–led by Solomon Thomas and Harrison Phillips–will have to get a good “push” up the middle on Browning and that means winning the battle with the immense front line of the Huskies.

Offensively, long, bruising drives featuring McCaffrey runs will be another important factor. Time of possession has always been key to the Stanford offense’s success.

It’s going to be a battle! Stanford is ranked #7; Washington is ranked #10.