Speaker Ryan Worried That Trump May Cost GOP The House

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Speaker Ryan Worried That Trump May Cost GOP The House

Since the GOP Convention, Politico has been the best site for news on Trump along with CNN. Some Conservatives “bristle” at this and refuse to give them credit. Here at Dave Levine Online, we give credit where credit is due!

As I’ve written for years now, the Republicans can lose 20 to 28 seats held by RINOs like Ryan and still control the House. But now there’s “a new dynamic”, a new target–Conservative Congressmen who’ve endorsed the Maniac, Trump!

When you add pro-Trump House Conservatives to that “boot list”, it increases the list to well over 33–the number of seats they lead by. Thus, RINO Ryan sees the GOP losing the House but he won’t do what it takes–unendorsing Trump, telling Trump to drop out and promising to disallow any Amnesty bill from getting to the floor–to stop the GOP bleeding and stay in control.

This makes Ryan and the other RINOs and pro-Trump Conservatives look as stupid as they are. They created the monster known as theĀ Trumptanic and it’s going down by the bow and taking them with it. Without their support for Trump, we wouldn’t be in this mess. They have only themselves to blame.

Much thanks to Sonya Blade for posting this on Facebook.

By Alex Eisenstadt and John Bresnahan at Politico

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  1. Conservator1 says:

    Excellent and I wholeheartedly agree. We might be looking at a lost of control in both branches of Congress. Conservatives will also lose many State Legislatures and some Governors too.

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