Some Conservatives Want Trump To Resign In The Belief That Pence Will Lead As A Conservative, Not A RINO

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Some Conservatives Want Trump To Resign In The Belief That Pence Will Lead As A Conservative, Not A RINO

By Dave Levine

Some anti-Trump Conservatives want Trump to fail and resign so that Pence can take over as President. They apparently believe that with President Pence, the law-and-order moves made by Trump on Immigration will continue. I don’t see it that way. I see Pence “pulling an Ayres” (actor Lew Ayres played the Vice President in the 1960 classic, Advise and Consent) and dismantling what Trump has done against illegal immigration. In that film, Ayres assumes the Presidency after the death of the President and declines to nominate an admitted former Communist as Secretary of State that his predecessor (played by Franchot Tone) desperately wanted.

We don’t really know “how” President Pence would lead–to continue the Conservative route taken by Trump or go “full RINO”. My guess is “full RINO”.

The Conservatives who want Trump to fail and resign apparently don’t see the damage a presidential resignation would have on the nation. They see it as simply “a change in chess pieces”. It isn’t as simple as that. President Pence wouldn’t have the support on the right that Trump has. He would be viewed by many as “illegitimate” because he wasn’t elected President. That to me is a weakened President and would be no better and perhaps worse than what we now have. Forget the double-layered fence on the Southern Border ordered by Trump. Forget the ICE raids, 287(g) and mandatory E-verify. Pence would have other issues to deal with and I believe would leave the Invasion from Mexico alone.

What these Conservatives don’t realize is the fact that Pence is Vice President because Trump selected him. Pence wasn’t elected President. While some Christian Conservatives love Pence, a lot of law and order Conservatives don’t and would never have voted for him had he run for President. Why? Pence is the author of the “touchback Amnesty” scheme that was laughed out of Congress in 2006. I believe Pence would push for Amnesty and would sign the first Amnesty bill that reached his desk. Other Conservative voters loathe Pence because he destroyed the RFRA in Indiana while Governor there.

While it is a fact that Trump pushed a version of “touchback Amnesty” from even before he announced he was running, I believe that now that he’s President, he realizes that scheme would fail. Senator Cruz pointed out in the final two Republican debates that “touchback” would violate federal law.

I’ve been a #NeverTrump activist from the get go. But I like the law-and-order moves he is making and I want him to succeed. I don’t want Trump to fail! Failure means President Pence and I don’t trust Pence.