Some Cogent Posts By Conservative Bloggers This Morning At Breitbart That Say It All

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Some Cogent Posts By Conservative Bloggers This Morning At Breitbart That Say It All

By Dave Levine

Over at Breitbart this morning, there’s an important story by Edwin Mora about the lefties at the CDC revising their COVID-19 mortality rate and other important numbers. It’s an “I told you so!” for brilliant minds like Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz and Stanford professor Dr. John Ionnidis…AND IT PROVES THAT THE LOCKDOWN WAS UNNECESSARY!

There are some cogent posts by Conservative bloggers following that report. Here are some of the best ones:

From “CORGG”: I actually know someone whose mother died from natural causes (old age) in a nursing home during this clusterf%$# , and guess who showed up and tried to get the nursing home to lie about the cause of death and attribute it to coronavirus ?
It was a CDC rep.

From “Mad As Hell Infidel”: The goal of this scamdemic was to put America in an economic depression, hoping this would remove President Trump from the White House. I asked all my friends and relatives if they know of one single person among their family and friends they personally know (not hearsay but people they know in person). The answers always came back negative. They didn’t know of anybody directly. Of course there are/were deaths but not nearly on the scale propagandised by the media.

From “Joe”: The cases are likely overstated. Hospitals get 13k for treating Covid patient ..39k if they go on ventilator.. likely anyone who died from ANY respiratory or cardiac event was labeled Covid…Money was talking ..

From “Caius Keys”: CDC, DNC, & CCP: Oops!

From “Race for the POTUS”: The original fear was real but the crisis was perpetuated [by Democrats] to get mail-in voting. Cuomo helped it by slaughtering thousands of the elderly. It couldn’t have been by mistake. It’s so obvious.

From “Dave”: What about the murder rate from COVID-19? How many of these deaths were from the nursing homes that were seeded with COVID-19 by Democrat governors?

What about the COVID-19 murders from all the suicides, drug overdoses and domestic violence from the fake false fraudulent shutdowns? What about those deaths?

Nobody talks about how people are being murdered by Democrats using COVID-19 as a weapon against America and the American people. Democrats kill thousands of people with COVID-19 and never go to jail. The CDC lets Democrats get away with murder.

From “it’s-me-pinky-lee”: “However, the true (or infection) mortality rate is more than the flu’s 0.1 percent.”

That’s easy to do when doctors and hospitals are labeling death by car wreck, murder by gun shot, and suicide by jumping off a cliff as COVID-19.

From “EJB”: This “fatality rate” is a bogus dreamed up number. They are saying a percentage of people with COVID-19 have died compared to the number of people that had it, problem is, they don’t know how many people have had it. They are guessing. Why not use a number such as when they report heart attacks, automobile fatalities and such like 1.1 per 100,000 people? Even when presenting testing numbers they fudge the hell out of them. Here in South Carolina they had a month of backlogged COVID-19 tests and finally got the money to process them and when they did finally process the tests they presented the results all on the day they summarized the results. If a sample to be tested is taken on May 1st the results should be noted for May 1st not on May 28th when they finally processed the test and summarized the results. They are playing with numbers either by design or ignorance and it isn’t right.

From “Farwalker”: Basically, no one knows the mortality rate from COVID-19. The data is highly suspect and still incomplete.

With the heavy incentive of $30,000 per covid patient to hospitals many death certificates have covid as the cause of death for no other reason than $$$$$$$$$$$$.

From “The Sheriff”: The experts are only expert at declaring themselves experts.

From “Go Cubs”: Show some respect. I know a guy who died from coronavirus (by way of a head-on collision with a semi). They say that’s one of the worst ways to die by this virus.

From “KORGG”: I hear woodchipper Coronavirus deaths are bad too.

From “Striper65”: To think what might have been if the monster Cuomo hadn’t packed the subways and seeded the nursing homes. He has no remorse. A complete psychopath.

From “Dave”: We are not kidding you. Every estimate made was overblown by a factor of 10. You can live in fear all you want but that fear is derived from propaganda, not facts.

From “Rick Trickerson”: Anytime that the CDC says something, it should be accompanied by a laugh track.

From “Pedro88”: Thank you Breitbart for reporting this. This is such important information which should change everything but the typical media continues to push hysteria.

From “Al T”: Think it’s a plandemic, and motives behind it? 7 billion people now have to have Pelois/Fauci/Gates testing, testing, testing, tracing, tracing, tracing, tracking, tracking, tracking. Ready for the Ariject single syringe filled with toxins/RNA experiment loaded your personal RFID/NFS chip just for you? You’ll be tracked 24/7 365 days a year, just like a farmer does with livesock.

From “USAFIRST”: The vast majority of the people who died had other underlying issues putting them at risk of death so the mortality rate is much lower. Biggest hoax and wealth transfer scam of all time!