Some Anti-Hillary #NeverTrump Orgs Helping Trump Get An Upset Win

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Some Anti-Hillary #NeverTrump Orgs Helping Trump Get An Upset Win

By Dave Levine

For too long, we Independent #NeverTrump Patriots–the real thing, not those like the Free the Delegates folks, many at NRO and Red State who are now joining in on “the feeding frenzy” of the FBI’s “October Surprise” on Hillary Clinton one week before the Election–we’ve known that many other so-called “#NeverTrump Patriots” are spineless and have given up on trying to keep Trump from becoming President. Red State and The Resurgent have been solidly anti-Trump.

If you don’t believe me, look at The Resurgent today–Erick Erickson’s site. I’ve posted many columns by Steve Berman–one of if not the best writer there and a solid #NeverTrump Patriot…or so I thought! Today, he’s shed his #NeverTrump skin and has written a piece telling #NeverTrump Conservatives NOT to allow Hillary to get to 270 electoral votes, but instead to throw the Election to the House where Trump will win. Berman seems to be of the opinion that the Independent Boehner-lover Evan McMullin will be picked by the House Republicans to be President. He’s nuts! Throwing the Election to the House will give us President Trump, not McMullin!

At Red State today, it’s nothing but anti-Hillary b.s. It’s a feeding frenzy yet no one there is saying that NONE of these emails were from or to Hillary!

At NRO, the feeding frenzy continues. It’s nothing but anti-Hillary drivel and NOTHING remotely “negative” about Trump. Nothing about “the 12th woman to come forward with sexual harassment charges”, nothing!

One week before the Election, three of the stalwart supposedly anti-Trump Republican sites have shown they are loyal to the party first and in point of fact have NO intention of keeping Trump from becoming President!

A pox on all three sites and I hope I’m not the only Conservative incensed by this “frenzy”!