Should Conservatives Start A Third Party Or Parties?

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Should Conservatives Start A Third Party Or Parties?

By Dave Levine

It’s clear that The Republican Party as we knew it is dead in the water, obliterated by The Liberal Maniac-Trojan Horse they let in the gates.

Many are writing about “the death of the GOP” but these writers are still doing what anti-Conservatives have always done–ignoring the grass roots, the Conservatives in that party. Today, some of those have left the party. There is nothing to go home to.

There are at least two third party efforts going on by Conservatives, neither one of which I am a part of–the Reclaim DC movement led by admitted drug addict David Serenda and the smaller New Americana movement by JD Rucker. Neither has money to function as a political party. That is light years away, if ever.

It’s as if the third party movement is waiting for 2020 to see “who runs” as a Republican. Right now, I’d have to say it’s between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz, both of whom endorsed Trump. The hundreds of thousands of Conservatives who have left the GOP may return in 2020 if either of these pols runs but 2018 stands in the way, at least for Cruz.

But first, Trump must be defeated on Election Day and then ignored. Conservatives will have to decide after that “where” to go–third party-ville or return to the hated GOP.

One Conservative leader isn’t getting much mention these days–Senator Mike Lee. Keep your eyes on him!




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  1. N0T2L8 says:

    I’m really hoping there is a real strong 3rd party after this mess to send the gop the way of the whigs. I’d love to see Rucker’s new party take off but so far it seems to me that its just based on “what do you think”.. but at least he is contacting other groups and trying to get everyone on the same train… just have to wait and see I guess.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I’ve left Reclaim DC after I found out its CEO is a drug addict and his positions are pro-legalization. No current Conservative third party org for me! When one comes around that I can properly vet. If you want more lowdown on Reclaim, check out Karen Sutton Brooks on Facebook.

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