Senator Jeff Sessions Promotes Trump’s “Self-Deportation” Immigration Plan

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Senator Jeff Sessions Promotes Trump’s “Self-Deportation” Immigration Plan

Senator Sessions is now “on record” as supporting Amnesty–“touchback” Amnesty–which REQUIRES “self-deportation” in order for the scheme to succeed.

So what “carrot” would get 40 million-plus illegal aliens to self-deport? The promise (made by Trump during the campaign) to “bring them back expeditiously as legal aliens once they have their papers”? Perhaps. But Trump also has waived another “carrot” to illegals here–a guaranteed GREEN CARD making it legal for them to live and work here! He’s REWARDING them AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE which I believe is unconstitutional.

Anyway, even MORE reason not to vote for Trump.

By Susan Wright at Red State

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  1. Yeah he’s been a total let down.

  2. N0T2L8 says:

    Sessions is just one of many disappointments I’ve had this year. I guess we are lucky he has been a decent senator this long, he has been in DC for 20 years.

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