Senator Cruz’s Plan For Obamacare Repeal

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Senator Cruz’s Plan For Obamacare Repeal

The above is my version of title by Senator Cruz at Politico.

A terrific point-by-point statement by Sen. Cruz on what should be done! I’ll be discussing this briefly in my Monday commentary at

Unfortunately, the RINOs like Ryan are digging in their Chamber heels. I don’t see anything being done to repeal the Monster.

One thing to note: The Republicans have just a 2-member advantage in the Senate, 52-48. There are at least 3 Conservative Senators who will vote against the House b.s. plan that has been leaked but remains hidden from public view. Those 3 Conservatives–Cruz, Lee and Sasse–can block any RINO plan.

But that means Obamacare stays.

Much thanks to Janet Ann and AFVet at The Right Scoop for telling me about the Politico piece above.