Senator Cruz Calls for END to Refugee Program

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Senator Cruz Calls for END to Refugee Program

An excellent piece by Brandon Morse at Red State on Senator Cruz calling for an end to the Muslim Refugee program! Cruz will be castigated for this despite the terror attacks. Hopefully, other congressional leaders will get behind Senator Cruz on this. Political correctness and concern over how this effects our relations with Muslim countries has gone beyond sanity. Enough is enough!

What do you think, #NeverTrump Patriots?

Originally posted by Brandon Morse


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  1. pinecone says:

    Just another Cruz common sense solution to a major problem. In the meantime McConnell and Ryan are too busy caving to Obama and the democrats, which I understand may even include bringing back the ExIm Bank. The Republican leadership won’t even talk about Cruz’s fight against the Internet giveaway. It’s as thought they are allergic to anything Cruz even suggests.

  2. Heathermcsp says:

    Oh, how I wish that Ted was our nominee. He sounds like such a strong leader when he speaks. I pray every day that the rest of those people he works with, will start giving him the respect,that he deserves.

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