SCOTUS Will Do The Right Thing On DACA–Declare It ‘Unconstitutional’ And End It

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SCOTUS Will Do The Right Thing On DACA–Declare It ‘Unconstitutional’ And End It

By Dave Levine

Some left-wing sites are hoping that, with the SCOTUS ruling against DACA, Trump will dangle some deal this summer to keep the 3.8 million illegal alien adults here in spite of their being illegal. What’s wrong with that scenario? Trump risks losing the Election. His base will revolt and many of them will stay home. It’s going to be a close Election and Trump cannot afford to lose any of his base. He’s already on thin ice with signing Jailbreak I & II.

If Trump orders ICE to deport DACA illegals and nothing more, he’ll have a chance to win the Election.

If Trump indicates that, in spite of DACA illegals being declared “illegal”, that he’ll get behind a General Amnesty for ALL illegal aliens, he’ll lose the Election. Kushner and other White House advisers want this more than just about anything.

DACA is a problem for Trump if they’re declared “illegal”. Conservatives like Daniel Horowitz and Ann Coulter are already mad as hell about Kushner’s efforts, apparently with Trump’s blessing, to legalize illegals.

The danger for Conservative voters is to reelect Trump only to watch him move to the left by signing a General Amnesty bill next February. The man simply can’t be trusted.