Schwarzenegger Won’t Run For Senate

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Schwarzenegger Won’t Run For Senate

By Dave Levine

The man who could have turned California around but instead did nothing as Governor for 8 years except deny driver’s licenses to illegals won’t be running for Senator and thank goodness!

Schwarzenegger has been a loud anti-Trump voice on the RINO left but thankfully, most Californians are ignoring him. The Austrian who wanted to be President and probably still does should realize that people aren’t impressed or fooled so much anymore by celebrity.

Schwarzenneger wasted 8 years as Governor of California. He could have done a lot to stop illegal immigration into the state. He let the left-wing legislature dictate policy. Some say his liberal wife was the real Governor during that period.

I for one won’t miss this movie star on the political scene. He had his chance, a great opportunity, and he blew it, wasted it. And I feel the same way about President G.W. Bush who also had 8 years to make major changes to turn the nation around and failed miserably. I’m not singling Schwarzenegger out for “incompetence”!

What CA and the nation needs are Conservative leaders, not liberals known as RINOs.

Hasta la vista, Ahnold!