Saving What’s Left Of The Conservative Movement…From Itself And From People Like Trump Who Tried To Destroy It

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Saving What’s Left Of The Conservative Movement…From Itself And From People Like Trump Who Tried To Destroy It

By Dave Levine

Last night, I was depressed over the shocking win by the Sociopath who will be our next President. It also depressed me that the RINOs I wanted voted out of office kept their seats and their control over that body. It was indeed “a night of joy for the Chamber of Commerce”!

Today, I had to make a decision on whether to continue to speak out as a true Conservative or let my voice be “silenced” by the many calls I’ve seen on Facebook and elsewhere by some Conservatives–mostly Evangelicals–asking others on the right (Cruzites, mostly) “to forgive Trump and to give him a chance”.

I’ve seen this sort of effort before with G.W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. Many idiot Conservatives “gave Bush a chance” and we ended up with “The Do-Nothing Congress” for 6 long years, The Pill Bill, bank bailouts, two unending wars against countries that were not our enemies and recessions up the ying yang that cost millions of American jobs and led to small businesses failing all over the place. We know what that cost (millions of aliens legal and illegal rushed in and took over those jobs and businesses) and that changed the country forever.

Trump and the GOP–the RNC, to be exact–came out attacking Ted Cruz and the Conservative movement last year and this year. He said he didn’t need our (Conservative) votes. After bowing out in early May, Cruz finally capitulated by pushing “the lesser of two evils” narrative (as every good Republican does) as to why we should vote for the Sociopath. For many of us, it didn’t change a thing–we either voted third party, wrote-in or stayed home but it didn’t matter. Other Conservatives followed Cruz’s lead by quietly voting for the Maniac and millions of Democrats crossed over for Trump. He and the RINOs won. Conservatives lost.

The House Republicans now hold a 28-seat lead over Pelosi and the Democrats. They lost 4 of those 28 seats last night and 4 more are still too close to call. So, essentially, the House RINOs didn’t lose much yesterday–at the most 8 seats. We at The Dave Levine Show were calling for and hoping for 20 to 25-seat loss by House RINOs and specifically 22 to 25 RINOs. Rep. Darrell Issa–one of the worst RINOs in the House and one of those 25 I listed–is in a race that is too close to call today. One Conservative I’m not familiar with, Rep. Scott Garrett, lost. So, as it stands, the best the Dems can do is pick up 8 House seats leaving the GOP with a 20-seat majority. The RINOs will remain in power there. Conservatives lost.

This Election was NOT a repudiation of the RINOCRACY in D.C.–it was a repudiation of 8 years of left-wing politics and in particular, Obamacare and Executive Amnesty, both of which Hillary Clinton approved of. Granted, the Republicans capitulated to Obama in almost every issue. There was no representation anymore in Congress.

By the way, about 80% of Evangelical voters–most of them Republican–voted for Trump…giving him Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and Mississippi. Of those, North Carolina was the key if Hillary lost Florida. My thanks to Karen Sutton Brooks on Facebook for giving me the percent figure.

Saving the GOP from itself IS NOT what I’m all about as I’ve been an Independent Conservative since 1996. What needs to be “saved” and “nourished”, however, is the once great Conservative movement!

How do we do this, you may ask?

I’ll be writing about that in future columns and talking about it on the Show on Tuesday.









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  1. Heathermcsp says:

    I don’t consider Trump a RINO. They at least try to pretend to be a republican. Trump has democrat tattooed on his forehead. I would have loved to have had all the rino candidates replaced during their congressional primaries, with a conservative candidate, but that didn’t happen. I think the rinos know their jobs are in jeopardy and I expect them to toughen up a little more when the new term starts. Trump wants to make deals with the democrats over every little thing. In order for to keep the dems from whining about little changes to obamacare, he will probably agree to up everyone’s taxes to the 90% range. I told a friend who out of fear of Hillary, voted for Trump. I told her if he hadn’t of won, he probably would have killed himself. She said to me, ‘you’re being a little harsh, don’t you think?’ I told her no, I told her that from what I have read over the years about he always has to win at all costs, that I thought he was very unstable and could not handle a loss and being called a loser. What do you think? Was I was too harsh?

    • Dave Levine says:

      We’ll never know for sure…but you’re right about his being a liberal Democrat.

      The focus now should be on rebuilding the Conservative movement. All those who voted for and supported Trump should not be allowed to be part of the Conservative rebuilding. This has to include Conservatives who believe in supporting Trump “because he needs our prayers”. I’m frankly sick and tired of not only the 80% of Evangelical voters who voted for him…I’m sick and tired of those twisting scripture to get #NeverTrump Patriots to jump on the Trump train! My #NeverTrump friend Karen Sutton Brooks agrees. I sent her Ken Miller’s “scripture tells us to forgive and pray for him” piece. If you read that, you’d know what I’m describing.

      • Heathermcsp says:

        I think that Trump running was not only to destroy the conservative movement, but also to break up the Christian movement. How can those Christians who supported him from the beginning, justify abandoning their principles because they felt candidates who represented those principles and were the best of the lot, wouldn’t win in the general? Where was their faith? Both parties put winning as the top priority in selecting their candidate and it does not matter if they are qualified or not. How about sticking to their principles and praying the candidate through the process. If he is the best, the Lord will make it happen. I feel that the Lord is punishing us for abandoning our principles. It reminds me of the old testament where they kept abandoning the Lord and they would suffer then they would pray and ask for forgiveness, instead of praying first for God’s guidance before proceeding with what they were wanting to do. I pray for those who out of anger, lost control and jumped right on board with Trump and I pray for those who in the end, out of fear voted for Trump. I am only upset with the first group, not the latter group. The first group still feels good about their vote, the latter group never felt good about theirs.

    • AFVet4America says:

      I sure don’t think tRump is RINO, he’s a liberal democrat and I believe we’ll see he won’t change those ideas. Besides that he’ll have the influence of Ivanka who I believe is still a Liberal regardless of what they want us to believe.

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