San Mateo County Sheriff Should Resign For Failing To Refuse To Enforce Newsom’s Illegal And Unconstitutional Lockdown Of Beaches

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San Mateo County Sheriff Should Resign For Failing To Refuse To Enforce Newsom’s Illegal And Unconstitutional Lockdown Of Beaches

By Dave Levine

Sheriff Carlos Bolanos should resign immediately for failing to refuse to enforce Newsom’s illegal and unconstitutional lockdown order!

It was bad enough on Memorial Day weekend, a weekend where perhaps millions of Californians flock to the beaches. But the Sheriff of San Mateo County (whose line of beaches stretches from Daly City south to Ano Nuevo State Park), Sheriff Bolanos, continued to shut down all beaches and barricade parking lots at all beaches in the entire county coastline and in 100-degree weather inland today, the day after Memorial Day. We went to the beach today and saw this for ourselves–perhaps 50 miles of coastline beaches shut down for no reason but because The Idiot in Sacramento says they should be shut down!

Just north of Pescadero Beach at Pomponio State Beach, about 8 automobiles had parked along the highway and we could see driving by that some folks were on the beach with their supposedly “illegal” umbrellas enjoying the 74-degree weather and fresh sea air. A Sheriff’s deputy was ticketing those cars as we passed by.

A few miles down the road, we pulled off to park among other cars and could see folks at Pidgeon Point Beach lounging on the beach. However, that deputy must have worked fast and suddenly was behind us a few cars away giving out parking tickets. So, we quickly packed up the cat in her carrier, our cooler and tarp that we had spread off the road on a wide grassy shoulder and took off for Waddell Beach–in Santa Cruz County which is under Sheriff Tony Estrada. There, we found a number of bluffs above the ocean where other folks had parked and were enjoying the fresh air and view. Still, it was not “the beach”–with sand where we could pitch our “illegal” umbrella, so we both burned for 2 hours in the midday sun. However, we weren’t harassed by Sheriff Estrada’s deputies and were able to at least eat our lunch and enjoy the fresh salt air!

The Lockdown of California beaches will probably continue because it is clear that Governor Newsom doesn’t want people to enjoy themselves in their state. It IS “their state”. He’s supposed to be OUR servant, not the other way around!

Just to show you how insane and nonsensical the CA Lockdown is, today’s story about three rural counties that are allowing hair salons to reopen–but not those of San Mateo County, Santa Clara County–shows how inequitable Newsom’s Lockdown is. Does this make sense? No! Do salons in Napa and Solano Counties practice better social distancing than those in Santa Clara County? Do the salon owners there do a better job of cleaning their salons? No! The evidence isn’t there and doesn’t warrant a continued lockdown!

Why are salon workers in Santa Clara County (where I live) being punished? Why are most of their patrons being punished?

Newsom has chosen “winners and losers” in his Lockdown and partial reopening. Santa Clara County and all who live here has been chosen “the losers”. Why has he chosen the largest and most populous and (before the Lockdown), the most prosperous county as “a loser”? I’ll tell you why–bad science and a man clearly drunk with power who has no idea what he’s doing!