Sally Field Thinks America Is A Democracy

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Sally Field Thinks America Is A Democracy

By Dave Levine

Sally Field is typical of actors and actresses in Hollywood who think America is a democracy. It ISN’T! She should know better. I wonder where she went to elementary school.

America is a constitutional REPUBLIC, NOT a democracy!

Moreover, she’s known about the Electoral College. Why is she complaining now (that Hillary won the popular vote by other 2 million votes)? Where has she been for the past 50 or 60 years?

I am a #NeverTrump Patriot. I opposed Trump as much as Sally Field does. What Ms. Field doesn’t seem to realize is that her Democrat Party insisted on backing a criminal for President, a criminal who caused the deaths of Americans in Benghazi who has also supported the unconstitutional actions of Obama such as his DACA and DAPA Amnesties. Had the Democrats backed someone like Evan Bayh, they’d be in The White House.

But the leftist-run Democrat Party wanted its radical feminist leader and they lost.

Sally Field needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Sally Field was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.