Ryan’s Amnesty Plan Compromises Trump’s Four Pillars

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Ryan’s Amnesty Plan Compromises Trump’s Four Pillars

By Neil Munro at Breitbart

Trump’s Four Pillars Plan would give Amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for millions of DACA illegals. Ryan’s plan is essentially the DREAM Act of Rep. Curbelo. It makes the same mistake that the Simpson-Mazzoli Bill–the 1986 IRCA Amnesty–made: it gives the Amnesty first, then supposedly the enforcement.

My gut feeling is Trump will sign this monstrosity if it passes the House and Senate. His 70-Point Plan got whittled down to 2 points. Gone are E-verify and and end to chain migration. Trump will capitulate. He did so on Omnibus and he will on Amnesty because the monied interests–led by the Koch Brothers–are too powerful to ignore.

In doing so, Trump will give up any chance of being reelected. The GOPe will give up the House as super-angry Conservative voters will stay home.

It won’t matter if Governor Abbott runs for President in 2020 because Amnesty will be permanent and something he wouldn’t be able to change. Amnesty is permanent and millions more illegals and millions more overstaying aliens will arrive. America will be erased and a new country, Mexico del Norte, will take over.

It won’t matter anymore that there are 50 million illegals already in the U.S. They’re going to be Amnestied and the nation will become an even more dangerous place for citizens.