Ryan, Trump Declare War On Congressional Conservatives

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Ryan, Trump Declare War On Congressional Conservatives

By Dave Levine

In a sense, this is “good news” for Conservatives in the House and Senate because it shows what fools some of them have been for backing Ryan and Trump and exposes them for the anti-Conservatives that they are. It is also good news for Conservative voters who, like me, knew all along that these two were not my friends.

But now it’s time get the body armor on (our pens, computer keyboards and phones) and strengthen the grass roots movement against the Congressional RINOs and Trump. We need tough, strong leaders to run in 2018 against the Ruling Class (IE the RINOs)!

For his part, Trump has a good chance of being “a lame duck” before he finishes his first year in office. That would be a first. It almost certainly means that the RINO-run GOP will lose the Senate next year as Conservatives will stay home or vote for the Democrats running against the Senate RINOs.

With the Senate gone to the Dems, not even Ryan (who I believe will be ousted in the interim) will be able to save his party for Trump.

Trump has one chance to redeem himself–turn against Ryan’s Obamacare Lite bill that no one with half a brain wants and join Conservatives in defeating it. He also has one chance to redeem himself with Conservatives and that would be calling a presser and announcing he will never sign an Amnesty or legalization bill.

Too farfetched, you say? Probably. But the other road–declaring war on Conservatives–will result in the ouster of Ryan or at the very least bills that won’t pass and bad blood between RINOs and Conservatives for the next year and a half and beyond.

It will also push Conservatives closer to forming a third party which will spell “the end of The Republican Party”.