Ryan Admits: ‘We’re Going To Pay For The Wall’

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Ryan Admits: ‘We’re Going To Pay For The Wall’

Another lie exposed, one Trump can’t get out from under. His supporters will say, “At least he’s going to build it!”

The wall is of course not needed AND is not wanted. BP agents want to be able to see what’s on the other side of a barrier. They can with a many kinds of fences–they can’t will a wall. That presents a danger to them, to the men who guard our Border with Mexico.

If it’s the double-layered fence as called for in The Secure Fence Act of 2006 that is still “the law” but was stripped of funding in January 2007 by Pelosi & Co when they took back the House, then most of us who want that fence built will support paying for it ourselves.

What is ridiculous about this issue is the wall or double-layered fence is being constructed 17 years too late. The Invasion from Mexico has been achieved. It happened. 50 to 70 million illegal aliens, mostly Mexican nationals, are here and aren’t leaving bad as things are economically here. Millions more will try to break in before the wall/fence is built. The FBI tells us that there are upwards of 1 million illegal alien gang bangers in the U.S. We also have thousands of alien child molesters, rapists and other unwanted alien criminals here. We have enough to deal with with our own, home-grown criminals.

Will the fence make it easier to pass Amnesty? I certainly hope not. Building the fence and then giving Amnesty to 50 to 70 million lawbreakers makes no sense. But the RINOs in Congress (led by the Chamber of Commerce) will be pushing Amnesty. Trump has had his own Amnesty plan.

It would be nice if he would take that possibility “off the table”.

By Sean Colarossi at Politicususa.com