Rumor That Cruz May Endorse Trump Is Not True

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Rumor That Cruz May Endorse Trump Is Not True

By Lita Whitener

Attention Cruzers!!!

After reading The Right Scoop article this morning about a RUMOR that Cruz may endorse trump, I called Senator Cruz’s Washington DC senate office to address it with his staff. I was told, “That is a rumor, it is not true and Senator Cruz has not taken nor is he expected to take a position on the issue.”

Please don’t get carried away with this rumor! DISPEL IT NOW!!!!!!

I also told the staff member that we expect Cruz to stand firm in conservative principles and not support any progressive liberal for ANY reason.

He agreed and promised to pass the message to Senator Cruz.

4 Responses

  1. Beverly Daniel says:

    Sen Cruz has too much integrity and character to fall in with the likes of Trump. Thank you for clearing it, Dave!

  2. N0T2L8 says:

    Thanks Dave… Been reading the news this evening and it has me in a foul mood, this is the only thing I’ve read that helps a little.

  3. Heathermcsp says:

    Thanks so much Dave for checking this out for us 🙂

  4. Lea says:

    I didn’t believe there was truth in this rumor to begin with. It would go against everything Sen Cruz has said in the past.

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