Roy Beck’s Video On The Spike In Legal Immigration Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

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Roy Beck’s Video On The Spike In Legal Immigration Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

By Dave Levine

In this video at

Roy Beck discusses legal immigration–including chain migration–but doesn’t talk “real numbers” about ILLEGAL immigration.

Here is my comment on a post of that video on Facebook this morning:

Beck has ALWAYS been at least 20 million behind the true number. Point being…before Congress begins discussing Amnesty, the true number needs to be given the American people. And that true number, which is an estimate, is “north of 40 million”.

How do I know this? There were two independent studies done on “the number”–one in 2005 and the other in 2007. These were done WITHOUT the CENSUS (government) figures which are always well under the truth. The first–Bear Stearns Report by Justice and Ng–found the number to be 20 million (using 2004 data). The second–CAPS Panel Study of October 2007–was split. Half of the 5 panelist-experts found the number to be 20 million, the other half found it to be 38 million. This study occurred 9.5 years ago. The number of illegals breaking in from Mexico averages out to about 2 to 3 million per year. 5,000 to 10,000 break into the U.S. every day along the 2,000-mile Southern Border and few go back to Mexico or their other countries. Beck never discusses these two studies. You can see why I always quote “50 to 70 million”.

And when they drop their anchor babies here, those children are not counted as illegals though they should be. So the number is actually much higher than the above estimate. Americans have to pay for the food and health care of those babies/children/adults. Making anchor babies “citizens” is a gross misrepresentation of the law. So when Trump hints at Amnesty, folks, understand how many millions of alien lawbreakers (who’ve taken American jobs and businesses and who live off the American taxpayer with welfare and free medical care) will be legalized and how this will impact Social Security (which is already in trouble), Medicare and other programs set up for Americans as well as the cost ($4 billion per year in California alone) of bilingual education. The b.s. about “But if we deport these people, the price of lettuce will go to $5/head!” is a red herring argument for Amnesty. The U.S. has had about 2 million alien farmworkers, most of them illegals. Congress could guarantee such a work force would be exempt from any mass deportation.

The idea of deporting the 3 million illegal alien gangbangers while at the same time giving Amnesty to 45 million-plus illegals who broke into the U.S. or overstayed their visas “because it would break up families” would make a mockery of our laws. Americans oppose Amnesty by 62% to 38% yet none of the polls about Amnesty have given those being polled “the truth” about “the number”. They’re still quoting “11 million” or “12 million”.

Columnist Dave Gibson (formerly at agrees with me about “the number”. He’s written articles on this and I consider him an expert on the subject. Incidentally, Trump wants to give these many millions of illegals “touchback” Amnesty, a scheme developed by Mike Pence in 2006 that was laughed out of Congress. What Trump won’t tell us is what Ted Cruz told us in the final two Republican debates–“Bringing back deported illegals as legal aliens is against federal law”. So, “touchback” is illegal!

Remember that when the House begins discussing this in February.