Rose Bowl Replay Refs Were Bought Off By USC

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Rose Bowl Replay Refs Were Bought Off By USC

By Dave Levine

I’ve never seen a football game where the refs were bought off by the home team. This happened in The Rose Bowl tonight with the replay refs overruling two touchdowns that the field refs HAD NEGATED! Moreover, in the final interception by USC, a defensive back made an illegal block in the back visible to everyone watching on tv but the refs weren’t watching and the interception (which would have been called back into USC territory) stood. With just a few seconds left, that wouldn’t have allowed enough time for USC to get close enough to field goal range.

While the replay refs clearly helped USC on many occasions that kept them in the game, the offensive coaches for Penn State lost the game for their team by calling some really bonehead plays in the fourth quarter. Most importantly, the Penn State defensive coaches decided in the second quarter to stop blitzing USC’s QB who proceeded to have a field day.

That the Penn State defense was so bad that they couldn’t stop USC can probably be laid at the feet of their idiot coach who suspended their star linebacker a few days before the game.

The replay refs and the horrific play-calling by Penn State gave the win to the Trojans.