RNC Refuses To Cancel Debate Which Is Their Answer To Calls For Trump To Withdraw From Race

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RNC Refuses To Cancel Debate Which Is Their Answer To Calls For Trump To Withdraw From Race

By Dave Levine

The GOP made it loud and clear over this weekend. They could have cancelled the second debate or both remaining debates but instead are staying behind the Maniac, the Groper, aka Mr. Lewd.

Continued calls from across the country from Republican elected officials for Trump to bow out apparently haven’t convinced the GOP powers-that-be to end this fiasco. They could end it if they wanted to but they’d rather go down with the Trumptanic on Election Day.

From the RINOs who want Trump out, there are calls for Pence to replace him. From the right, there are calls for Senator Lee. Pence would take it. Lee would not. There are also calls for Cruz to take it but Cruz has said he’s not interested.

It’s an impossible situation. Stubborn, egocentric, stupid people hungry for power or hungry to stay in power embarrassing themselves and their party by backing a complete scumbag. A dying political party that shafted its base unable or unwilling to do the right thing after bending over so often to Obama.

The RINOs running the GOP have never seen this level of anger. On Election Day, former Republican voters and Independent Conservatives have the opportunity to run many of these RINO bastards out of town on a rail.

I urge Conservative voters everywhere to send as many House and Senate RINOs packing as possible on Election Day. It can and must be done!

I’ll post a list of House RINOs who must be booted in my next piece.



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  1. AFVet4America says:

    This is what a hypocrite looks like, Hannity.

    Sean Hannity Verified account
    I will block people who are vulgar, disrespectful of women and children and who send me death threats.
    Steve Deace ‏@SteveDeaceShow 6m6 minutes ago
    Steve Deace Retweeted Sean Hannity
    So you’re not having Trump on anymore?

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