RINO Rubio: DACA Must Be Repealed And Replaced

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RINO Rubio: DACA Must Be Repealed And Replaced

The above is my version of title by Ted Goodman at The Daily Caller.

RINO Rubio is right about getting rid of DACA but 100% wrong on replacing it. First, he uses the word “repeal”. Congress cannot “repeal” a memo written by a former President but President Trump can with the swoosh of his pen by rescinding it.

The pro-Amnesty Rubio wants the DACA Amnesty to be permanent, to live on. But the country is strongly against it.

Rubio wants to be President but never will. He’s trying to stay in the news but his RINOism continues to show. He is no Conservative. Conservative voters who wanted Cruz to win will always remember what Rubio did to Cruz during the 2016 campaign.

My thanks to americanborderpatrol.com for posting this story.