RINO Rep. Jim Jordan Wants Amnesty For DACA Illegals Via ‘The Gang Of Four’ Bill Together With Enforcement: Why Doesn’t He Want Enforcement Only?

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RINO Rep. Jim Jordan Wants Amnesty For DACA Illegals Via ‘The Gang Of Four’ Bill Together With Enforcement: Why Doesn’t He Want Enforcement Only?

By Dave Levine

Sean Moran at Breitbart has a report on Rep. Jordan’s support for The Gang of Four Amnesty bill known by supporters as the Goodlatte-McCaul bill.

Many commenters at Breitbart are ecstatic over the idea of Jordan becoming Speaker. What these fools don’t realize is that Rep. Jordan wants Amnesty for DACA illegals and MAY even want a General Amnesty for the 50 million-plus illegal aliens.

Rep. Jordan is what is known as “a fiscal conservative”. He is no Steve King or Walter B. Jones! He is NOT “a law and order Conservative”; he’s been pro-Amnesty for many years.

Yet so many foolish voters think Rep. Jordan is “the savior” for Conservatives, that somehow, The Gang of Four Amnesty bill is actually “an enforcement bill”! They don’t realize that the bill–if it were to pass the House–would have to be watered down with far less “enforcement” for the more liberal Republicans to accept it. By the time the RINOs running the Senate get done with it, The Gang of Four would no longer have enforcement provisions worth supporting.

Let me give you one example of The Gang of Four bill that is ALREADY a fact, before it is watered down:

The mandatory E-verify provision wouldn’t go into effect for 2-3 years down the road! In other words, lawbreaking employers would continue breaking the law by having illegals in their employ! Why should lawbreaking employers be given ANY break? Why, indeed! Those illegals would basically get 2-3 years of Amnesty instead of being fired. There’s a problem associated with this provision: Under federal law, employers wanting to use E-verify on CURRENT employees CANNOT DO SO! That law isn’t likely to be changed by Congress. It’s a major loophole that was inserted by the Chamber and their shills, RINO Congressmen. And that gives 8-10 million illegals working for a paycheck de facto Amnesty.

While the E-verify provision is one problem I have with The Gang of Four bill, the provision supposedly “ending chain migration” WOULD ALLOW current DACA illegals’ parents already in the chain migration system to be given visas, meaning they can live and work here and won’t be sent back. The whole idea of ENDING chain migration is to END it, NOT CONTINUE IT! 1.8 million DACA illegals have 3 to 4 million alien parents, some of whom are already illegal aliens in the U.S. Legalizing those parents is NOT ACCEPTABLE to this Conservative voter.

The Gang of Four Amnesty bill allows millions of DACA illegals to stay in the U.S. indefinitely. That alone makes the bill unacceptable, no matter HOW much “enforcement” it contains. The 3-year Amnesty could continue indefinitely after 3 years. And if the Democrats get back into power, it would become permanent.

President Trump’s Four Pillars Amnesty scheme is a lot like The Gang of Four bill and thus he’s likely to sign it if it’s passed as is. He and Jordan can CLAIM it’s “not an Amnesty bill” but it is one, even if the word “Amnesty” is not in the bill.

The American people can see what Amnesty and Sanctuary policies have done to the nation. The Gang of Four is a ploy to get Conservative support for Amnesty.

The Dave Levine Show strongly opposes this bill in spite of NumbersUSA, CIS and FAIR support for it.