RINO McCain, The Most-Hated Senator In History, Dead At 81

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RINO McCain, The Most-Hated Senator In History, Dead At 81

By Dave Levine

Pardon me, RINO lovers, but I’m not crying any tears for the most vilified and most hated Senator in modern U.S. history, RINO John McCain. McCain more than anyone except LBJ (his Great Society INA), Ted Kennedy (loopholes in Immigration law, the 2006 Amnesty he co-authored with McCain), Reagan (signing the IRCA Amnesty in 1986) and G.W. Bush (pushing Amnesty for 8 years as President) to facilitate the Invasion from Mexico. Some would add Bill Clinton’s name to this with his signing NAFTA which had the effect of emptying entire Mexican towns of millions of soon-to-be-illegals.

McCain was also “the villain” in our government regarding the MIA families. What he put those families thru was unconscienable.

He voted much of the time with Democrats and the rest of the time with the Establishment Republicans–the other RINOs. He NEVER ONCE backed an enforcement bill against his coveted illegals!

It is rumored that the RINO Governor of AZ will appoint his widow. Replacing McCain with his liberal pro-Amnesty widow won’t change anything.

The left just lost one of its staunchest allies in the GOP. I will not miss John McCain.