Republicans Have A Simple Choice: Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Or Get Slaughtered In November

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Republicans Have A Simple Choice: Vote To Confirm Kavanaugh Or Get Slaughtered In November

By Sean Davis at The Federalist

I agree with some of what Davis writes.

However, it’s not just lack of a wall–it’s the fact that Catch and Release continued under Trump and the fact that ICE has been going after mostly the gangbanger illegals, not the 48 million non-gangbanger illegals. Trump promised Conservative voters that he would “remove all the illegals”. It’s also the fact that some Conservatives like me are pissed at even some of the most Conservative members of the House (Brat, Jones, Webster, McClintock, Brooks and Barletta) for voting for The Gang of Four Amnesty bill HR 4760 in June. It’s also a fact that semi-Conservatives like Jim Jordan (who wants to be Speaker) and Mark Meadows voted for The Gang of Four Amnesty. Jordan IS STILL pushing that Amnesty! These are the two leaders of the House Freedom Caucus. What “freedom” does Amnesty for millions of illegals give American citizens? Freedom from serving the Constitution and the nation responsibly and honorably?

Fortunately, some House Conservatives–true Conservatives like Steve King, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs–voted against The Gang of Four Amnesty. They will surely be reelected.

Back to Kavanaugh. I was never a fan of that Bushie. I don’t want him confirmed but not because I agree with or believe the accusations against him. Kavanaugh was selected by Trump under the mistaken assumption (we were told) that the judge would be an easier confirmation than true Conservative Amy Coney Barrett, the judge Trump should have picked. Kavanaugh was “the Establishment pick”. I don’t hold Kavanaugh in high esteem. No friend of the Bush family is anyone I would support!

If Kavanaugh is not confirmed by the full Senate, Trump will have the opportunity to nominate one of two, true Conservatives to the SCOTUS–Judge Amy Coney Barrett or the likewise outstanding Conservative Judge Joan Larsen, two judges he put on the Seventh Circuit. However, I doubt he would pick one of these ladies as that would be an admission of having nominated the wrong judge to begin with. He would likely select another RINO judge.

Republican candidates in the House and Senate–with few exceptions–are RINOs and Conservative voters are out for blood. House RINOs have nothing to do with voting or not voting for Kavanaugh. He’s a Senate issue. But Amnesty and the wall are THE issues with Conservative voters.

The Kavanaugh mess has knocked the Invasion from Mexico off the front pages temporarily but Conservative voters haven’t forgotten about that all-important issue. Americans are being killed and murdered by illegals. Stories continue to come out at Breitbart.