Rappaport: Trade Border Wall Funding For DACA Amnesty For More Than 1.25 Million Illegal Aliens

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Rappaport: Trade Border Wall Funding For DACA Amnesty For More Than 1.25 Million Illegal Aliens

The above is my version of title of an Opinion piece by Nolan Rappaport at The Hill.

Rappaport wants to trade Border wall funding for DACA Amnesty for at least 1.25 million illegals–so-called DREAMERs and their illegal alien parents.

There are many problems with this position. I’ll list them one at a time:

1) It is morally indefensible to “sell citizenship” or Amnesty to lawbreakers no matter how many of them there are here in the U.S.

2) Some of those DREAMERs and their lawbreaking parents are gangbangers or have ties to gangbangers. You can’t Amnesty them!

3) Giving Amnesty to illegals has ALWAYS been a bad idea. It was a horrible idea in 1986 when President Reagan Amnestied 3.5 million illegals. It’s a massive “green light” to potential illegals to “Come and get it!” By 2000, some 14 years later, 3 to 4 million illegals were breaking into our country every year to where we now have 50 to 60 million illegal aliens, in my opinion. Amnesties beget more Amnesties and more Invaders!

4) It makes “folly” of federal law. Disrespect for the laws of the land can be seen in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and other “Sanctuary Cities”. Why have laws at all if they’re not going to be enforced and that includes arrest and deportation?

Moreover, the Democrats aren’t going to give Trump a penny for his Border wall no matter whether the GOP dangles DACA Amnesty as something they want to trade.

Trading citizenship for Border wall funding is a stupid idea and I hope Trump shoots it down. If he doesn’t and if he either extends the illegal DACA or says he’ll sign a DACA bill from Congress, he’ll lose most of his support and can forget about reelection. Moreover, it will hurt the GOP as many RINOs will be behind such a sell-out and they’ll be primaried out next winter by angry voters.

My thanks to Glenn Spencer at americanborderpatrol.com for headlining this Opinion piece today.