Prosecutorial Discretion Or Bureaucratic Bias?

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Prosecutorial Discretion Or Bureaucratic Bias?

By Glenn Spencer at American Border Patrol

This is an excellent, timely piece by Glenn Spencer!

With the exception of Rep. Steve King, Conservatives in Congress have gone “silent” over the illegal and unconstitutional DACA Amnesty “memo” that some think it “law”. It’s probably because they don’t want to oppose Trump. In going silent, they are looking like wussies, afraid of their own shadows.

The SCOTUS blocked Obama’s DAPA Amnesty. Trump ran for President in part promising to “rescind DACA” but instead, on Inauguration Day, we were informed that he met privately with Obama and promised not to rescind it! About 1 million illegals are here in the U.S. under a de facto Amnesty signed by former President Obama when such an Amnesty is in fact unconstitutional!

I believe DACA to be a precursor to the General Amnesty that is brewing in RINO circles within the House.

My thanks to Glenn Spencer for posting this as his headline piece.