People In Near-Revolt: You Can’t Shut Down An Entire Nation! Keeping Social Distancing Measures In Place, Businesses Will Adjust

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People In Near-Revolt: You Can’t Shut Down An Entire Nation! Keeping Social Distancing Measures In Place, Businesses Will Adjust

By Dave Levine

It took me awhile to come over, but I have finally joined “The Anti-Lockdown Society”. Enough is enough!

15,000 cars and trucks descended on Lansing, Michigan to protest the leftist Governor Whitmer’s “Stay at Home!” order. Thousands protested in North Carolina and in Columbus, Ohio, thousands of protesters descended on the capitol demanding an end to RINO Governor DeWine’s lockdown. California’s lockdown continues though Governor Newsom seems to want it to end.

The summer is coming and people need to and want very much to “get out” and enjoy their lives as much as they can given the parameters of this pandemic. Beaches should be open–with strict social distancing enforced. Parks should be opened–ditto! Restaurants should be allowed to open with strict distancing and with the requirement that patrons bring their own (and leave with) their own pens if they have to sign the credit card receipts. Menus should be made plastic and must be sprayed after each use (somewhere in the kitchen) and masks required for all diners to wear into and out of these venues. Busboys, waiters, maitre d’s and kitchen staff must wear latex or nutrile gloves but that shouldn’t be a problem–if their city or their employers provide them.

Bars will have their own problem. Social distancing will keep people 6 feet apart. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone in a noisy bar at that distance but, such is life! Masks and gloves should be required in all bars as well. Meeting someone in a bar and going home with them is of course problematic. Strangers can SAY they’re healthy and may not know they’re carrying the virus; so can friends. It’s a dangerous crap shoot. Dating already has been severely impacted by this virus. Although I suppose you COULD kiss someone who, like you, is wearing a mask, it’s not going cut it. The masks are coming off!

Millions of Americans are out-of-work. I’m one of them. Mortgages are foreclosing and we need to get farmers grain, feed and other essentials to keep the food chain going!

Today, the warm spring weather hit the West Coast. In our city, hundreds–probably thousands–of people, couples went outside for walks. I’ve never seen anything like it. Is California’s Socialist Governor Newsom (who is already running for President in 2024) going to be able to keep the Lockdown going? No! The Socialists WILL LOSE this one! Riverside County in Southern California still hasn’t dropped it’s $1,000 fine for those not wearing a mask in public (The Socialist powers-that-be there refused to provide residents with masks but initiated the Draconian ordinance anyway!). The Sheriff there won’t allow his deputies to enforce it, God bless him!

You CANNOT lockdown a free society! In China? No problem! But freedom is too precious to Americans as is the warm spring air to keep us from living our lives! END THE LOCKDOWN–NOW!

Enough is enough!