Pence, The Smug Liar And His ‘Touchback Amnesty’ Now Being Pushed By Trump And Sessions

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Pence, The Smug Liar And His ‘Touchback Amnesty’ Now Being Pushed By Trump And Sessions

By Dave Levine

As if Trump isn’t bad enough as a serial liar, Mike Pence showed himself tonight during the VP debate to be one in his own right.

A lot of folks don’t know this, but Mike Pence is the author of one of the most insane schemes ever devised by a politician–the “touchback” Amnesty that was laughed out of the House in 2006. It was a plan that Mitt Romney championed and it helped bring Romney down in the 2012 Election as Conservative voters bristled at Romney’s shouting over Obama in their second presidential debate, “I’ll do it! I’ll get it done–first year!” when discussing Immigration and Amnesty.

So when Mike Pence talks about “law and order” and criticizes Kaine for being “pro-Amnesty”, he should shut his RINO mouth–he’s the author of one of THE WORST Amnesty schemes ever imagined, scheme that would likely have brought in millions more illegals, more American deaths at the hands of these illegals and more crime generally.

In “touchback”, “little Ellis Islands” are (theoretically) built along the Cartel-controlled Southern Border to bring back millions of supposedly deported and self-deported illegals, mostly Mexican nationals. The idea was to get these millions of illegals to self-deport “to get their papers” (which they were told not to bring to the U.S. before they broke in or overstayed their visas) and then they would stand in long lines on the Mexico side of the Border at these mini-Ellis Islands waiting to be brought back as legal aliens. Sounds like Trump’s “touchback” scheme, right? It is, though he has never mentioned the “little Ellis Islands” probably because the Southern Border is now a total war zone controlled by the deadly drug Cartel and the whole idea is a joke.

The scheme would have given “political cover” to the RINOs running the GOP and to RINOs with presidential aspirations like Pence, politicians who are rich liberal shills for the Chamber of Commerce and BigAg (In Texas and other oil-rich states, BigOil). It would have made voters THINK their representatives were being “tough” on illegals (forcing self-deportation of millions) and at the same time pleasing their handlers (the Chamber and BigAg) by bringing them back expeditiously as legal aliens. And they would do everything possible to conceal the fact that removal and reentry by these millions would be paid for by taxpayers.

Needlesstosay, there were many problems with this plan. Senator Cruz, God bless him, exposed one of them in the last two Republican debates this year–saying Trump’s Amnesty plan (which is a version of Pence’s “touchback”) and I paraphrase) “goes against federal law that doesn’t allow deported illegals to be brought back legally”.

Another major problem, one that also comes with the massive Syrian refugee resettlement by Obama happening as I write this. In Pence’s plan as in Trump’s more recent “touchback” plan, there was/is no mechanism for vetting the millions of illegals who were never vetted before breaking into the U.S. or overstaying their visas. Criminal records in Mexico are not available to U.S. authorities and with illegals using aliases, there’s no way to determine if an illegal Mexican has a criminal record.

A lot of folks don’t realize that in 2006 (back when there were 20 to 35 million illegals in the U.S.), on average 25 Americans died every day at the hands of illegals either by murder or DUI accidents caused by the illegals (See Joe Farah’s November 28, 2006 piece on this at Farah wrote,

“While Rep. Steve King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.”

Think about it. 25 Americans killed every day, on average, by illegal aliens back in 2006. Today, of course, there are likely between 40 and 60 million illegals in the U.S.

The next problem with the plan is the issue that makes the entire idea problematic–getting 40 to 60 million illegal aliens to self-deport. There would have to be a powerful “carrot” to get them to do this and that was (I believe) Trump’s promise of legalization/green cards for them “when they return legally” which, as Cruz stated, IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW! And even if that law was changed, the fact is most illegals wouldn’t fall for such a scheme thinking Trump (who they fear is a bigot and is against them) would renege on allowing them back. They own property here and have families here (illegally) and wouldn’t want to lose it all if they couldn’t get back in. My thought was that Trump would offer TO PAY THEM WITH TAXPAYER MONEY TO REINVADE AS LEGAL ALIENS but Cruz’s statement shoots that idea down. So, what other “carrot” could Trump use to get illegals to self-deport? He certainly isn’t going to be able to arrest 40 to 60 million of them as many of them are constantly “on the move” and are spread all over the U.S. AND THEN you realize this was simply a ploy to get Conservative votes! He’s full of crap! He knows he could never get illegals to self-deport–it’s all talk, all bravado, all bull crap! Moreover, Americans would NEVER stand for such a plan to use taxpayer money to fund illegal aliens REINVADING our country which I believe is unconstitutional.

But, let’s say for the sake of argument that President Trump was able to get 40 to 60 million illegals to self-deport. What would happen on the other side of the Border across from these “little Ellis Islands”? That’s right! The Cartel controls this area and millions of these illegals waiting in line to get back into the U.S. would be killed, raped and robbed! And those murders, rapes and robberies would be blamed on AMERICA and especially on Trump. We’d be “the pariahs” of the world because WE (Trump) created that mess!

So when Pence smugly tells the nation he and Trump are “tough on illegals”, he’s a lying s.o.b. They want Amnesty as much as Hillary and Kaine do.

NOTE: In the VP debate, Kaine blew the opportunity to skewer Pence on this issue by pushing Amnesty in his diatribe on Immigration. Kaine is as pro-Amnesty as Hillary which is a shame, but at least he’s open about it. Pence, like his running mate, is a bald-faced liar. He’s as pro-Amnesty as it gets.

UPDATE 10/5/16: Sen. Sessions is touting Trump’s “self-deportation” plan which is part of the “touchback” Amnesty. What Sessions isn’t saying is that this is part of Trump’s Amnesty plan which Sessions left off Trump’s Immigration Plan page. What I state above that Senator Cruz correctly called “touchback” Amnesty–bringing back self-deported and deported illegals as legal aliens–IS “illegal under federal law”. Trump and his backers are desperate as Trump is double-digits behind Hillary in PA and is also down 10 points to her, nationally.

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  1. Dave Levine says:

    You’re very welcome, Heather!

    I’ve followed Pence for years when he was a congress critter. He had to “rehab” his image after his “touchback” scheme was roundly rejected in the House (about the only good thing that Speaker Hastert did as Speaker, the boy-raping bastard!

    More recently (April 2015), Gov. Pence lost a ton of Conservative support in Indiana and nationally by signing “a clarification bill” that weakened the state’s RFRA he had signed, promising further special rights legislation for LGBT citizens.

    Here’s what Aaron Reber of Indiana Family Institute wrote following Gov. Pence’s signing of the watering down bill:

    “From what I’ve heard from my contacts who were at the statehouse when this went down, it turns out our legislature didn’t just pass a “fix”. They also made a deal with LGBT activists to introduce a bill next session to give homosexuals “protected class” status. I could barely believe it when I heard it, but it makes total sense. If the amendment didn’t actually do anything to change the RFRA given the current legal situation, I have to believe that at least one lawyer would inform the LGBT activists about it. Thus, in order to call off their campaign, they would require more. Furthermore, other laws would surely follow the granting of “protected class” status…laws like “anti discrimination” statutes that compel those of religious faith to participate in activities and services that violate their religious commands. In that the situation, the RFRA would have protected religious objectors from legal action. In it’s amended form, it will not.

    I can just see it now. Next year a bill is introduced granting protected class status. Many of the rank and file republicans in the statehouse refuse to vote for it, but the media screams “you’re a bigot” at anyone who protests and businesses again promise to pull out if this “sensible protection” isn’t afforded to a “vulnerable” minority. The GOP leadership then twists enough arms to combine with the democrats to get enough votes to pass the legislation. Pence then promptly folds. The following year “anti discrimination” statutes are introduced. Rinse and repeat. I cannot garauntee [sic] that will be the actual outcome, or even that the GOP leadership will make good on its promise to the LGBT activists. However, I am not sanguine about our future prospects.

    Regardless of which view upon the new law is correct, I cannot classify this entire effort to pass RFRA as anything less than a disaster where our own leadership, our governor included, stabbed us in the back. We set out to pass a law to protect the religious rights of hoosiers. What we ended up with was a murky law that we still can’t say what its effect will be for sure. Morever, [sic] our legislature made a deal with the LGBT activists to introduce a bill granting them a protected class status.

    Explain to me how this was anything less than a route?

    All I know is this, I expect this sort of thing from the legislature. Pence however, has a lot of explaining to do, and I am extremely disappointed in him. CommonCore, all day kindergarten, state run media, and now this? I worked on Pence’s campaign as a township chairman to get him elected. Now he’ll be lucky to even get my vote in 2016.

    Like my mother said, “It wasn’t lost on me that Pence signed the amendment on the Thursday before Easter…the same day Judas betrayed Jesus”.”

    • Pence sure is showing history of going against Conservative values. Thanks for all the info Dave. BTW I think your post shows what we could expect from him were he ever to take over the POTUS slot. The worst election of my lifetime.

  2. Heathermcsp says:

    Thanks so much Dave for the info. I did not know that about Pence.

    • Dave Levine says:

      I’ve updated this post, Heather, adding a lot more re: “touchback” AND I just re-reedited it in the “UPDATE” at the bottom. A LOT going on today! Please read it again and thanks!

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