Pence Is Key To Reelection

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Pence Is Key To Reelection

By Dave Levine

The Quiet Man, VP Mike Pence–the author of the infamous “touchback Amnesty” scheme–holds the key to whether Trump wins reelection or is defeated.

How is that possible, you might ask? How is it that Trump isn’t “the key”? The answer is Kamala Harris, the radical left Senator from California. Pence will be debating Harris in the lone VP Debate. But between now and then, Pence has the opportunity and the money to go after Harris in a big way and leave no stone unturned. Folks may not like Trump going after Harris–that’s Pence’s department!

The Dave Levine Show is no fan of Mike Pence but we sincerely hope he pulls out all the stops going up against Harris. Harris is pushing a General Amnesty for 50 million-plus illegals. She’s also for defunding the police–a very UNpopular position these days! She’s also a big LGBT supporter.

The Quiet Man needs to become The Slasher leaving no uncertainty as to where he stands on LGBT, capital punishment, abortion and Amnesty. I don’t believe Pence has every discussed his position on Amnesty since his “touchback” scheme was made public in 2006.