‘Payback Time’ For RINOs And Conservative Congressmen, Senators Who Endorsed Trump

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‘Payback Time’ For RINOs And Conservative Congressmen, Senators Who Endorsed Trump

By Dave Levine

We’re already seeing faux Conservatives advising #NeverTrump Patriots and other anti-Trump voters to “vote Republican down-ballot” even if they aren’t voting for Trump. “Save the down ballot!” is the cry of the RINOs.

However, Election Day is “payback time” for Conservatives across America to “stick it” to the RINOs running the GOP and stick it to them good! How, you might ask? By doing the unthinkable but something 12 million Democrat voters did to Cruz in the primaries–vote for the opposition, the Democrat challengers, to knock out Paul Ryan & Co!

It’s really very easy. On Election Day, Conservatives in Ryan’s district in Ohio should vote for his Democrat challenger and not stay home. In California, the same for Conservative voters in Darell Issa’s and Kevin McCarthy’s districts. 25 to 28 RINOs should lose their seats in Congress, Republicans who shafted their party’s base time and time again.

The anger among Conservative voters towards the RNC/GOP for allowing Trump to run as a Republican is great. I’ve frankly never seen such anger.

That anger should be ‘channeled” into voting for the Democrat challenger to boot these RINO bastards!

Payback is sweet if it’s carried out. On Election Day, Republican and Independent voters can pay the RNC back by voting out a little more than two-score Republican Congressmen. Waiting until 2018 to “primary” them is foolish; incumbents have a huge advantage in the primaries.

I mentioned 25 of these RINO Congressmen in my last post. Do it!

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  1. Either we get them out or we’re going to have to have a new party. A serious new Conservative party and an Article 5 Convention of States may be our only answer.

    • Dave Levine says:

      The only way for Conservative voters to remove RINOs–until the 2018 Midterms–is for those in RINO-controlled districts (like those in Paul Ryan’s district in Wisconsin and those in Mike McCaul’s district in Texas) is to vote for their Democrat challengers on November 8th.

      I wonder if any Conservative voters in these districts are telling their friends to do this…

  2. N0T2L8 says:

    Totally agree Dave… how can the dumbocrats be any worse than the rinos.. it all goes downhill either way.

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