Patriotism Cuts Deeper Than Race Plus The Fact That Blacks Number Just 13% Of The U.S. Population

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Patriotism Cuts Deeper Than Race Plus The Fact That Blacks Number Just 13% Of The U.S. Population

By Dave Levine

Black Americans number just 13.3% of the U.S. population from the CENSUS of 2016. So why the concern about racism?

Answer: Black radicalism (Black Lives Matter movement and now many black NFL players) and the continued white guilt over supposed black poverty pushed by the MSM.

But white guilt for what? Blacks are “mainstream” and have been for decades! And if you look at the mostly black NFL, they’re making more in one year than most Americans will make in a lifetime AND they’re being paid by white season ticket-holding fans! Kaepernick had a $100 million guaranteed contract with the 49ers. The old adage that “all blacks are poor” no longer applies.

And while blacks still populate American big-city slums, they’re being overtaken by poor Latino Americans and illegal aliens.

There’s not a word about “black racism” or “reverse racism” in the MSM but we’re seeing it in the NFL and we’re seeing it in the streets (BLM). Racism has never been “a white only thing”. We even see it in the “Brown Power” Latino movement.

If we’re going to talk about racism in America, we need to talk about the hatred expressed towards whites by blacks–not just white-on-black racism. We see it in Congress (Reps Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison among others) and in the streets (BLM and The Black Panthers).

What about the uber-rich black NFL football players with their guaranteed contracts for countless millions of dollars who are protesting the National Anthem? The American public has little sympathy for them.

The blowback from those protesting black NFL players has hit the league and the tv broadcast companies hard. With over 200 NFL players disrespecting the National Anthem this past weekend, I believe we’re about to see a major boycott of NFL games by tv-watching and game-attending Americans the likes of which have never been seen before. Of course, some folks bought season tickets meaning a boycott by them will only hurt the teams at the stadium concessions and parking lots. But a half-full stadium is an image the owners don’t want to see.

I submit that patriotism cuts deeper than the claim of racism. There’s something inherently wrong with NFL players making tens of millions each year complaining about “racism in the League” when the NFL is a mostly-black organization! The cry of “racism” by those who are raking in tens of millions–or in Kaepernick’s case, hundreds of millions of dollars–falls mostly on deaf ears.

I support President Trump 100% in his statements about the National Anthem protest and the NFL in general. The politicization of professional sports isn’t something started by white players or by President Trump; it was started by black players.

If you’ve watched NFL games over the past few years, you may have noticed p.c. and what I call “creeping radicalism” by advertizers pushing truly crude and disgusting commercials. It used to be that the only time viewers would see crude commercials was during the Super Bowl; now they’re being played during every regular season game. “Crude” has gone mainstream. While this is something “separate” from the political protests by players during the National Anthem, it nevertheless is part of “the package” we get when watching the games.

I for one hope that the “booing” of protesting players by fans attending the games increases dramatically in the coming weeks.