Packers’ And Steelers’ Defenses Stink Up NFC-AFC Championship Games

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Packers’ And Steelers’ Defenses Stink Up NFC-AFC Championship Games

By Dave Levine

I thought pro football teams knew how to play defense and special teams. I was wrong about the Packers and Steelers, two powerhouse teams with oodles of talent who failed miserably today.

In their defense, the Packers had massive injuries on defense as well as offense. How they made it to the Championship Game was amazing. But the offensive line couldn’t protect their star QB and their defense didn’t show up.

The Steelers lost their star running back early in the game and went in the tank. Great teams learn to get over those losses and still pull out wins. The play-calling (running up the middle for no gain on first down) was insane and not the players’ fault. Williams is no Bell. Steeelers coaches refusal to blitz Brady was costly.

The Packers coaches refusal to blitz the Falcons QB was key to their losing as was their stupid calls for consecutive onside kicks that failed miserably and resulted in scores by Atlanta.

I won’t be watching the Stupid Bowl. I can’t stand either team, both of which are overrated. Maybe next year, the Packers and Steelers will rebuild their defenses so they can make it thru the playoffs.