Open Up The GD State!

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Open Up The GD State!

By Dave Levine

Every Californian who doesn’t have a mask should be given one! Newsom should take the $75 million he’s stealing from taxpayers and giving to Los Illegals and use the money to pay a mask company to make millions of masks to be distributed to every California resident! But politicians who demand we wear masks, then don’t provide them to the public and refuse to wear them themselves, should be shamed.

Today, thousands of Californians flocked to the beaches of Southern and Northern California in conscious or unconscious defiance of socialist Governor Newsom’s shelter-in-place order. Reports I’ve seen indicate that few of these beachgoers practiced social distancing and few wore masks. Most were young people–teens, college age adults and young adults. Perhaps they were thinking, “I don’t need a mask–it’s hot and COVID-19 doesn’t do well in heat!” but that hasn’t been proven.

Newsom is coming under serious pressure to reopen California–from small businesses, big businesses and Conservative protesters. But he’s also facing unrest in his own ranks among liberals who voted for him. What he’s ignoring are the millions of Californians like myself who have probably had COVID-19 with few if any symptoms and now are immune to it. Keeping these millions in lockdown is doing a disservice to them and to the rest of the state. Trying to start massive “contact tracing” efforts is going to fail as the disease has been here in California probably since November or earlier. There’s no way in hell that I or any other Californian can remember “who” we met and had close contact with 4 or 5 months ago! Too much time has passed and too much water over the dam.

Then there’s the issue of testing. Newsom wants to test the entire population! It can’t be done–in part because many of us don’t want to be tested! The only reliable test is the long swab going up the nose and almost to the ear, causing some to gag and vomit. In some folks with nervous stomachs, this can mean unstoppable vomiting and a trip to the ER where there’s a very good chance you’ll get the virus even if you didn’t have it. Today, the ER is THE LAST PLACE most people would want to be–no offense to the wonderful doctors, nurses and techs working there! Getting tested is not for some of us. Forcing the entire 40 million residents (including millions of illegal aliens) to be tested is a pipe dream that will end in failure. If there was a less intrusive kind of test, more folks would be willing to get tested.

Some of us have been able to shelter-in-place but still keep the economy going by buying online and going curbside at some stores for food, etc. Eating canned food isn’t something we like and it isn’t healthy. We want the restaurants to open and we want our small businesses back!

Destroying an economy and people’s livelihoods with a massive lockdown as Newsom has done here in California to keep some of us from getting the virus was and is a truly stupid move that was too little and too late. The lockdown wasn’t necessary! The problem was…the masks were nowhere to be found! Finally, folks began making their own masks and they began to become available online. Most Californians today wear masks out in public and workers wear masks and latex gloves. Social distancing is being practiced almost everywhere in California. The state is ready to reopen!

True, there are the Trumpster protesters and beachgoers who think they are “something special” and don’t have to wear masks or practice distancing, but thankfully they seem to be in a minority and if enough of us set the example as we’re doing, hopefully they’ll follow.

Most of us will continue social distancing and wearing masks–JUST OPEN UP THE GD STATE!

NOTE: My apologies for previous typos!