Open The GD Hair Salons, Leftist Morons!

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Open The GD Hair Salons, Leftist Morons!

By Dave Levine

Three days ago, leftist tyrant Gavin Newsom gave the order to open hair salons in all but 11 California counties–leaving the largest counties, the 11, still in lockdown. Santa Clara County is where most of the hair salons are located. The Santa Clara County Health Director, Dr. Sarah Cody, says the state “needs time to assess” things. If you were to watch this idiot give press conferences, you’d come away shaking your head saying, “Where does this moron get off?” And your answer would be, “Holding her foot on the neck of the citizenry of Northern California’s largest county”. This is the county of Silicon Valley and one of the most liberal/left-wing counties in the state. So WHY, you might ask, are the leftists running the state out to destroy small businesses in the state in the counties where Democrats dominate? The answer is simple: They want ALL of us–the small business owners included–to come crawling on our knees to the state for help while they tax us to death! In other words, they don’t care if you’re a proud Democrat and they’re causing you to go bankrupt and your business to go belly up–they want to control and subjugate you!

It’s all about “control and subjugation”! What these fools don’t realize is they are turning what would normally be considered to be their supporters into their enemies! Am I describing liberals being turned into angry Conservatives? No, they’ll never shed their love for abortion and illegal aliens. But they’ll remember the leftist morons running the show–the Newsoms and Codys of the Democrat Party. The once “solid” Democrat Party will cease to exist as it will be fractured as long as the Newsoms, Codys and Pelosis are running things.

There’s “a crack” in the leftist armor. There’ll be a price to pay for what these p.o.s. have done to citizens of this once great state, destroying businesses and running the state into the ground. I believe we’ll see that result first in the streets and then at the polling booth on November 3rd.