Open The GD Coin-Operated Car Washes!

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Open The GD Coin-Operated Car Washes!

By Dave Levine

My car has to be hand-washed as the mechanized car wash railings will scratch its sports oversized wheels. But the coin-op car washes–which have ZERO employees in attendance–are shut down here in CA! Why?

We actually have TWO cars with wide wheels that must be hand-washed. They’re sitting outside (no garage) getting crapped on by birds in the trees above! Sure, we can hand-wash them here in the condominium driveway but it’s against HOA rules, so we’d have to wash them out on the street and we’re not going risk getting run over just to wash our cars there! Plus, we have back problems and washing a car is problematic if you end up at the chiro the next day!

Coin-op car washes semi-wash your car–you have only to dry them with a chamois, saving a lot of back pain. They also provide the soap, high pressure spray and rinse and of course, water.

Why Socialist Governor Newsom won’t allow coin-op car washes to reopen is beyond me. The stalls are separated by cement walls. That’s TRUE social distancing!