Open Letter To Senator Cruz

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Open Letter To Senator Cruz

All I can say is “Wow!” Cecil said it better than I could. Unfortunately, Cruz has already decided (next post).

From Cecil Stinemetz, Republican National Delegate from Iowa

“Dear Senator Cruz,

I waited for someone like you since I last voted for Ronald Reagan. It is why I put so much time and effort into helping your campaign. I believed in you and what you stood for. Honesty, integrity, willingness to stand for what is right no matter who was against you.

If you endorse Trump it will give a green light to every lying con man who will say and do ANYTHING including slandering every opponent because well because we let Trump get away with it. And i guess because the democrat is worse or something.

I withdrew from the Republican Party because I wanted to make a statement, hoping many more would do the same, hoping it would awaken the Republican Party to its stupidity, and you were my last hope of bringing back the Republican Party to the party of Lincoln and Reagan. But that will be gone if you endorse Trump, because that means there really is nothing left for me to even hope the party is worth salvaging. And I won’t be back, plus I hope that the party collapses because it is now no different than the democrat party.

Of course I still pray for you Heidi and the girls, I still love you guys so much, but endorsing a immoral pathological lying con man will mean I have nothing left to fight for politically.

Thank you for what you have meant to me up to now, I had always believed that God sent you for this time in our history but perhaps I was wrong, I hope not.

God Bless you and may you allow Him to lead you… No matter what.

Cecil Stinemetz